My Life as Kelsey: A Coming of Age Romance (My Life Series Book 1)

51iS0FXhLML._SY300_What if everything a sheltered girl’s mother kept her from are the very things that could make her happy?

My life is a carousel. I work at the local amusement park. I study even though it’s summer. And I wonder why my mom doesn’t love me. Then I wake up the next day and do it all again.

The comforts of my merry-go-round world are left behind and I take a ride on the tallest roller coaster. Because of him. The private-school bad boy who storms into my life, stealing my first kiss and making my mind wander to impossible possibilities. But I know better than to get involved. There’s no way a popular musician like Stone Maverick Avery could ever like a yawntastic girl like me. Even if he did, my mom would put an end to it in a heartbeat.

Tragedy turns my life upside down, and secrets my mom’s hidden from me come to light, pushing me to question everything I’ve ever believed. For some reason, Stone is with me every step of the way. Is it possible there’s more to him than designer sunglasses and a rock star attitude? Looks like I’m about to find out.

My name is Kelsey. And this is my

I read it last year and loved it. Stone and Kelsey are the cutest couple and there’s an amazing relationship she forms with a non-love interest plus her wacky granny. It made me smile, and I think it’ll make you smile too.

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