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Created by Love and other Bookish Things


1 – Why did you start this blog?


I want to have a place to talk about the books I’m writing and the media I’m enjoying.


2- What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?


I’ll be talking about my own books as well as books on writing and indie books.


3 – What are you most excited for about this new blog?


Finding readers with similar interests and helping authors reach their goals.


4 – Why do you love reading?


Fictional people are better than real ones. They are so predictable, yet it’s fun seeing their internal thoughts and what motivates them to reach their goals.


5 – What book or series got you into reading? 


Junie B. Jones, The Left Behind Series for kids, and Lois Duncan books


6 – What questions would you ask your favorite authors?


Will you tell me how you came up with each and every twist?


7 – What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?


Consistency and keeping content fresh and engaging.


8 – When did you start reading?


Related image


9 – Where do you read?


Image result for where do you read


10 – What kind of books do you like to read?


Related image


And that’s pretty much it! Thank you so much for reading.

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