Alice the Dagger: A Fae Alice in Wonderland Retelling (Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night)

A paranormal fantasy full of whimsy, friendship, and kick-buttery about a Fae assassin who must strengthen her powers to liberate her people from the Red Queen.”


They call me the dagger.

I’m a famed assassin. 

It’s all I’ve ever known. 

All that I can remember.

So when a white rabbit tells me that loved ones are waiting for me in the Wonderland Court of Faerie, it’s surprising. And then, I learn something even more shocking.

The Red Queen stole the crown from my mother—who she murdered. The queen singlehandedly created my reality of death and blood and murder.

While that’s devastating, I can handle it. As long as I get revenge.

What I don’t know how to handle is Henri Hatter.

He’s a rebel leader loved by everyone. A man who sings in the streets because people ask for aether’s sake. A faerie who knows more about my past than anyone—including me.

A good man who could crush my heart if I let him in. Which I can’t do.

Not if I want vengeance against the queen who ruined my life. Despite my claims that I work alone, Hatter and two nosey little pixies insist on sticking with me.

Only one thing is for sure, with them by my side assassinating the Red Queen will be unlike any other job I’ve ever tackled.

Alice the Dagger is a fae romance and part of the Once Upon a Fairytale Night world. Readers who love adventure, slow-burn romances, whimsical worlds, spunky sidekicks, and lots of action will love Alice the Dagger.



If the tale this was inspired by is known for anything, it’s whimsy. ALICE THE DAGGER delivers with quirky characters like twin pixies, prompt brownies, and hookah-smoking caterpillars. It has all your favorite things about ALICE IN WONDERLAND and more. The setting leaps off the page, fully immersive. I particularly enjoyed the characters’ trip through the forest and the illusions they saw. My heart pounded the whole time wondering how they would make it. And oh my gosh, the shore battle with sea monsters . . . Don’t even get me started!


Trust me, the second Hatter appeared, I was rooting for a romance, but this first book focuses on their friendship. And boy was their friendship strong. Alice likes to dive head first into situations, so Hatter often has to real her to safety. They save each other’s lives throughout the book like they’re playing slap jack. They’re funny. They’re bright. He was her childhood friend.

Learning to trust him would be easier if he memories hadn’t been wiped, but Hatter isn’t the giving up type. He needs to help her remember so she can reach her fully potential as a Fae, one with rare powers needed to kill the queen.


Growing up as an assassin, there’s not much Alice is afraid of, but the lies told to her have made a vulnerable. She must learn the truth and decide what she’s willing to do for the people of Wonderland. Of course she wants to murder her parent’s killer, but that’ll make her the Queen. She’s not a ruler. She’s a warrior. Still, she can’t standby and do nothing, so she joins the resistance.

I love how kick butt she is. Like she even ran into a burning building! But she also has a heart and feel the weight of responsibility for her friends. She mourns when one dies or gets injured and it makes her stronger. It gives her motivation to risk her life for them. I can’t what to see what happens in the next book.


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What’s your favorite Alice in Wonderland retelling? How is your similar/different?

To be honest I have not read that many Alice retellings, but I did read Wonderland Academy by Melanie Karsak and LOVED IT. It’s an academy novel so it’s pretty different from my novel which takes place in Faerie (in which Wonderland is a Court), but both books have Wonderland characters and whimsy built in.

Which Alice in Wonderland character are you?

This is a hard one! 🤔🤔🤔
In my version I’d like to think I’m Alice but in the Disney I’m probably one of those dang talking flowers. 😂

If battling the Red Queen what would be your weapon of choice? Why?

An Aethen sword (my version).

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