‘Tis the Season for Love: A Charity Box Set

Edited by: Maggie Dallen
Get your copy here!

First loves. Second chances. Countless kisses beneath the mistletoe… 

Don’t miss this limited-edition charity boxset with 14 holiday romances by your favorite sweet romance authors. 100% of proceeds will go to Love146, an organization committed to ending child trafficking and exploitation.

A mix of old and new, YA and adult, this anthology will melt your heart and make you swoon with all-new exclusive content from Maggie Dallen, Jordan Ford, Michelle Macqueen & Ann Maree Craven, and more!

Plus, you’ll find Christmas favorites by bestselling authors like Lucy McConnell, Emma St. Clair, Lacy Andersen, Gina Azzi, and Christina Benjamin.


I’ve read two of the stories in this anthology, and I know the rest of the anthology is going to be amazing because of the authors who are participating in it. So if you like sweet Christmas romances, this may be a collection for you.

One of the stories I was able to read was Maggie Dallen’s. It’s about a couple who broke up over a decade ago. He chose to leave for his career, and she quickly fell into another relationship and got married. Now it’s Christmas time and the guy has nowhere to go, so when his mother invites him to come to her town, he goes. He’s been avoiding his ex for years, so he wouldn’t visit the town if he thought there was any chance of seeing her. But that’s exactly what happens when there is a mix up with her plane ticket to her singles vacation and she’s unable to leave. Now in the same house they have to confront their remaining feelings for each other. With meddling mothers, friends who would love to see them together, and lots of mistletoe hanging around the will they won’t they aspect of the story makes it an engaging read.

The other story I read is from Victoria Anders. It’s about a girl who’s recently lost her grandfather. He owns an inn that she used to love visiting, but now her dad and uncle want to sell it. She has to find a way to save the inn and keep it the way her grandfather had it. It seems like no one is on her side until she meets the new caretaker, a boy a few years older than herself who wants what’s best for the inn.

I love how different and also similar the two main characters are. They have the same goals but different motivations. They misunderstand each other at first, but through their struggles to save the inn they learn to trust each other. I love the themes of friendship and trust within the story and of course the budding romance.

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