Kissing the Shy Guy (The Dangers of Dating a Diva Book 4)

Kissing the Shy Guy (The Dangers of Dating a Diva Book 4) by [Stephanie  Street]

Author: Stephanie Street
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Can a shy guy help a mean girl find her heart?

A mean girl who only wants one thing…

And that one thing Jenna Bradford wants is to win an elite scholarship for singing. Not only would winning the scholarship be her first step toward Broadway, it just might earn her the attention and approval she so desperately craves. But when her partner leaves her high and dry only a month before the competition, Jenna finds herself desperate for something it galls her to ask for—help.

He’s a shy guy who can give her what she needs, but will he?

Adam Smith knows all about Jenna. She’s selfish, mean, and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Why would he want to help her with anything? That’s the question he keeps asking as he finds himself giving in and doing what Jenna wants. He must be crazy. That or he realizes there is more to Jenna than everyone realizes.

Adam doesn’t know if he wants to strangle her or kiss her.

Find out what he chooses in Kissing the Shy Guy, a sweet stand-alone high school romance.


Kissing The Shy Guy was so sweet. You have this mean girl with a bit of a reputation and then a shy guy who is a little bit of an outsider. He thinks that she is stuck up and selfish, but his sister has been sneaking around with her boyfriend, and now that the cat’s out of the bag and she’s been dumped right before the competition of a lifetime, he feels obligated to help. Then he spots her catering a family member’s funeral reception and doing other things that make him question if she’s really as bad as everyone thinks.

This book is about these two characters learning to trust each other, especially Jenna since she has been disappointed by men. Even when they start getting closer, she doubts his loyalty to her. After all, his band has just gotten a huge opportunity that conflicts with her competition. He’d be crazy to give it up, right?

Well, I won’t be giving any spoilers here, so you’ll have to read to fine out. But I really loved this couple, and their story was an emotional roller coaster.


Q – Were you ever in choir?

A – I was in choir through freshman year of HS when I realized without a doubt that I could not sing…at all. However, I do love a good car ride solo every now and then.

Q – Shy guys or bad boys?

A – Can I say both? I think there is something so appealing about shy guys. They seem so mysterious and it makes me wonder what all that shyness might be hiding. And then the bad boys, well, I have to admit I have a thing for guys on motorcycles with tattoos and a roguish glint in their eyes. I love the idea of a bad boy and the journey to discovering their softer side and what brings it out in them (Hopefully, it’s their one true love!).

Q – Which Mean Girls character would you be and why?

A – Ohmigosh, I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I’ve never seen Mean Girls all the way through *ducks head in shame*. True story, though, my husband was watching it during ‘quarantine’ a few weeks ago and I did watch the last half. I, therefore, don’t know all the names of the characters, but I probably related more to Lindsay Lohan’s character. She thought she wanted to be popular and that to get it she had to be one of the mean girls only to realize it didn’t make her happy (Of, course). I once did a personality test and the way the result was described to me was that I was the kind of person who would step over someone to get to the top of a ladder and then feel guilty about it and turn around and help the person I stepped on. Sometimes, I do find myself acting before thinking and then having to go back and pick up the pieces, I think that is what Cady (I had to Google that) is kind of like.

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