Born Royal (The Blood Regent Book 1)

Author: Marissa Allen
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Imprisoned and experimented on since she was twelve, Princess Genevieve “Vi” Astor is ready for revenge.

After manipulating her way to the throne of Kabria, Queen Esmerelda caused the death of the king and kept Vi as a royal hostage. For six years, the queen poked and prodded her stepdaughter. The world thinks she’s ill, but Vi’s childhood friends know better.

Working with the Rebels, they break her free. The Rebels, however, have their own motives and are calling the shots. Vi knows the corruption of power firsthand. And when she discovers the secret they’ve all been hiding from her, she finds she doesn’t know whom she can trust.

As war begins, Vi is forced to decide if she’ll join the Rebels against the queen or take her newfound freedom and run.

Perfect for fans of Legend by Marie Lu, Graceling by Kristin Cashore, and The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.


This sucker kept me going the whole way through. Like the first few chapters were breakneck pace and I could not breath. Excellent pacing throughout. The slower parts focused on the romance, and I could not get enough. Oh my gosh. They give me life. I can’t wait for the next book. I need to see the romance develop.

But this book is actually about overthrowing an even queen. It’s a dystopian scifi that makes you question if it’s even on Earth. It could be read as fantasy as well. There is some genetic engineering going on that gives our mc special abilities. I can’t wait to see the extent of them int he upcoming books.

It’s hard to believe this was a debut novel. It was definitely a fave for 2020.

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