Fae Rose Academy: Year Three (For The Purely Divine Book 3)

Fae Rose Academy: Year Three (For The Purely Divine Book 3) by [Quinn  Ashwood, Avery  Song]

Author: Avery Song & Quinn Ashwood
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Perfection doesn’t reside solely on the outside. It starts from within, and without acknowledgment, can lead to total destruction. To be a Purely Divine, we must overcome the flaws within ourselves.

Challenging as that is, I, Rosadette Campbell, am faced with a far greater trial as I discover who my true enemy is. The truth regarding my upbringing is exposed, making me hate what I thought I always was: a human. Further, uncovering Xavier’s secrets reignites old feelings and complications that I’m forced to confront head-on.

I may have proved myself worthy enough to earn a quick pass for Year Two at Fae Rose Academy, but now everything is getting a whole lot crazier. The enemy sees my potential. They know the capabilities that live within me, and my power frightens them. Unless I’m offered a deal I can’t refuse, a war may occur before I can finish Year Three.

With Rainer by my side, it’s time for me to put the true abilities of a Purely Divine to the test. We must accept the past and face the present, or we may not have a future to look forward to.

It’s time to discover the powers of light and darkness.

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