Supernatural Outlaw: A Paranormal Prison Romance (Supernatural Captivity Series Book 2)

Supernatural Outlaw: A Paranormal Prison Romance (Supernatural Captivity Series Book 2) by [Avery Song, Veronica Agnus]

Author: Avery Song & Veronica Angus
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It seems my destiny is to break out of one prison, only to jump right into another. Then again, who would have thought Dubai would have a luxurious jail for supernaturals?

For me, former human Cassandra Thorn, it’s been a difficult few months. After being kidnapped and tossed into the psychic prison for supernaturals, I learned the truth of my birth and the reality of my identity, which, it turns out, is the furthest thing from human.

Now my powers have been unleashed, but before I can explore them, I have to complete a dangerous rescue mission. Because being a supernatural outlaw sometimes means hopping right into another prison to find the answers — and people — you seek.

I won’t be alone this time, though. My four lovers are at my side, because they know that the best way to keep me safe is to work right alongside me as I unleash my diabolical plans. Besides, what better way is there to bond than by sharing a massive jail cell with a four-poster bed, pixie room service, and free time to do whatever the hell we want?

This seems like a prison I could get used to, but duty calls. The answers we need lie in the depths of the hidden city of paradise, and this time, we may struggle to find our way out.

Time to slap on the handcuffs and hope that playful Tristan, deadly Otis, seductive Adonis, and powerful Dominick can get us out before we’re really sentenced to life imprisonment.

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