Supernatural Villain: A Paranormal Prison Romance (Supernatural Captivity Series Book 3)

Supernatural Villain: A Paranormal Prison Romance (Supernatural Captivity Series Book 3) by [Avery Song, Veronica Agnus]

Author: Avery Song & Veronica Angus
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When it comes to my life, fate’s favorite game is torment.

Why else would it have reunited me with my supernatural bros, only to strike them — and many innocent bystanders — down on the day of my funeral? I stood and watched it happen, but instead of mourning, I laughed in the face of my enemies.

Now a villainous queen, I’ve returned from the dead and sided with the darkness, wearing a crown of power and sitting on a velvet throne of evil. My enemies believe that death and betrayal are what have driven me down this path, but there’s one thing they don’t know: I’m not the only one who won’t be stopped by something as feeble as death.

From the realms of the underworld, my men offer me their continued support. Now it’s time that I retrieve them and bring them back to where they belong: by my side. The mantle of supernatural villain is one few would wear, but if it revives playful Tristan, deadly Otis, seductive Adonis, and powerful Dominick, I’ll flaunt it with pride.

With a powerful team consisting of a monarch butterfly, a royal alpha wolf, a celestial faeiry absolute, and a malefic princess — as well as my dragon mate — the world above will have to watch from the sidelines as I leave the underworld shaking.

It’s time to rise.

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