Supernatural Savior: A Paranormal Prison Romance (Supernatural Captivity Series Book 4)

Supernatural Savior: A Paranormal Prison Romance (Supernatural Captivity Series Book 4) by [Avery Song, Veronica Agnus]

Author: Avery Song & Veronica Angus
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“The two of you are going to be the saviors of this universe.”

When death leads to rebirth, I not only walk out the gates of heaven back to life, but also decide it’s time to bring an army of warriors into the world.

A supernatural war is on the brink of destroying all the races, and only the wielder of the Oracle can prevent the forthcoming cycle of death. It’s a task I’m destined to fulfill; I have no choice but to face the consequences heading my way, though my supernatural bros and feisty dragon god have other ideas.

Stakes are high and nothing from this moment forward can be reversed. We need all hands on deck to stop what’s apparently been written in stone, but a reunion with my brother, Constantine, opens a door none of us knew existed.

From being kidnapped and thrown in prison to being in charge of saving all the realms of the universe, it truly looks like I, Queen Cassandra Clydrirth, am about to embark on the ultimate journey.

It’s time to put on my crown and accept my role as Supernatural Savior.

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