Valentine’s Day Gifts for Book Lovers

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so I thought I’d help you out with some gift ideas for the book lover in your life. In short, you can search for just about anything within popular fandoms from kitchenware to makeup. The weirder the item the more likely you’ll have to shop on Etsy. I’m going to give you a few ideas here, and there will be affiliate links for the products in the picture in case you’re interested.


I remember freaking out when they had candy sweethearts on sale in the mall during the height of my Twilight fandom faze. Now you can find everything from fandom PEZ dispensers to chocolate to gummies.


People usually read in one spot, and it can be cold. Why not get them a blank? PSST I have a Twilight blanket!


If they have a large book collection, they might need to start using the space above the bookshelf, and bookends are a great way to keep those books from toppling off the shelf. I have funny ones as well as elephants. The options are endless.


Yes, there is bookish jewelry. A lot of mine has come from book boxes that support Etsy shops. But major fandoms tend to have jewelry, like this Percy Jackson charm bracelet I linked above.


Candles can be decorative like the dragon egg ones from Game of Thrones (linked above) or curated scents based on book descriptions. I have several bookish scent ones and I love using them when I read the associated book.


Pops are really cool decorative elements to put in those empty spaces on a bookshelf. They can also act as bookends if you keep them in the box. Now they even have book character pops, especially from books that have movie or TV adaptations.


Most people have phones, so why not get them a popsocket inspired by their favorite book?

Phone Case

Most people use phone case, but they don’t have to boring. They can be art based on books!

Tarot Cards

A lot of readers are into tarot cards. whether for divination or to create TBR games to help pick their next read. There are so many different styles, including ones with character art.


If they’re like me, they read multiple books at a times. Bookmarks are super useful to not forget where you are in a book.


This might sound like a weird gift, but on TikTok a lot of bookish people send other creators crowns to wear in videos. Plus, if they go to themed book signings or costume parties, they can pair it with a cape and be bookish royalty.

Reading Light

This is a gift for you and them if you share a room. My sister used to complain when I’d leave the light on to read late into the night, so I got a reading light. I still use one since my husband is the same way.

Coloring Book

There are adult coloring books where the pages take an hour or so to finish. This is a great activity to do to while listening to audiobooks.

Book Journal/Notebook

The more you read, the more you forget details and what happened in books. This can lead to having to reread books in order to finish series. To prevent that, you can get them a journal to record notes.

Reading Log

A reading log is a more structured way to keep up with what you’ve read and basic details. It can be limiting space wise, but it’s great for people who don’t have a lot of time to journal but want to remember what they read.


There are so many companies making bookish and fandom related apparel now. I own everything from Sherlock Holmes socks to a Peter Pan purse to various shirts and scarves.


Book of the Month is a gift that keeps giving. You can get them a subscription where they’ll be able to select one adult hardback new release each month, and they can even skip a month if they don’t like the choices.


Everyone uses mugs. Why not make them bookish? This is the perfect gift for an avid tea and coffee drinker.


So many books have cookbooks now. It’s a really cool way to further explore the fictional culture and cuisine. The one I linked in from The Hobbit.

Board Game

Not gonna lie. I have a Twilight board game. This is cool, unexpected gift. However, it’s not so cool when you don’t have another fan to play with. I’ve never been able to play mine.


I love doing puzzles while listening to audiobooks. A 1000 piece one should last a whole book.

Page Holder

I hadn’t seen one of these until a few years ago. It’s a really unique gift and perfect for people who get hand cramps.

Book Sleeve

These puppies protect books from wear and tear that tends to happen when books is left free in purses or backpacks.

And there you have it, affordable gift options for the bookish person in your life. Are there any items on the list you’d like for yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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