He doesn’t back down nor does he want to be saved. Cue the feisty girl who has nothing to lose but a broken heart.

He’s always looked at her as his ex’s little sister. After the breakup, they became instant enemies and never gave each other a chance. But when Sebastian lands a role in their high school’s production of Grease, spending time with his co-star is an unpleasant side effect he’ll have to endure to graduate.

Izzy is done existing in the shadows. It’s her time for the spotlight. She’s not the naive little girl people think she is. She’ll fight for what she wants. And no matter how much they practice kissing for the play, she won’t fall for him.

But throughout rehearsing, she learns Sebastian isn’t the lost cause everyone thinks he is. He just doesn’t know it. She has until closing night to prove it to him.

So he’ll know he’s worthy.

So he’ll know he’s not broken.

So he’ll know he’s the right guy for her.

Perfect for those who love good girl, bad boy romances and understand there’s more to people than their reputations and everyone deserves a little love and compassion.

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    Abby Kirkland

5.0 out of 5 stars Another homerun for this series!

Dowell and Anders have done it again! I love book series that start out strong and then continue the series using secondary characters from the previous novel. I am so glad that Sebastian was able to redeem himself.

In Unleash My Love, we get the story of Sebastian, the scorned ex boyfriend from Unwrap My Love, and Izzy, the foster sister who was in love with the abusive foster dad. We are not talking “fatherly love,” we are talking “lover love.” You might be thinking that is disgusting, but it is actually a lot more common in today’s society than you would think. Again, the authors have taken a touchy subject and made it the conflict in their story. This is a reason why I have no problem recommending these novels to my students. The characters act like teenagers, real teenagers. They have a problem. They might be in denial. They might react the wrong way, but eventually pull through in a healthy manner. This is what I want young people to see. They need to see that there are healthy ways to deal with various issues.

Izzy goes through some self-destructive behaviors and Sebastian is her “light” through them. Sebastian has severe anger and Izzy is his “light” through it. They bring out the best in each other and it is amazing.

If you loved Unwrap My Love, you will definitely love Unleash My Love.

I would like to note that there is some underage drinking sprinkled throughout the book, but it is never overpowering. I will still recommend to my students.

I really hope Dowell and Anders continue to put out novels like this.

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