Christmas in Pine Island

Author: Christina Benjamin
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Could these big city couples rekindle their romance at a small-town Christmas tree farm this holiday season?

When Stacy says, jump, Jake always asks, how high? But a last-minute trip on Christmas Eve . . . and in her condition?

Jake Eckhart is worried about his fiancée. Everything is moving so fast. First their quick engagement, then adopting his orphaned nephew, now a new baby on the way? It would be a lot for anyone to handle. And it’s not like either of them have family to turn to for help. They’re on their own in this.

Could hot cocoa, horse-drawn sleigh rides and cuddling in front of a fireplace be just the Christmas miracle these nervous new parents need to see that they have what’s truly important when it comes to family . . . each other?

Stacy hasn’t been herself lately. The first-grade teacher isn’t usually known for her spontaneity. But then again, she did get engaged rather quickly. And her surprise pregnancy means more changes are coming her way. Anxious about unexpectedly expecting, maybe escaping New York City for a quiet small-town Christmas is exactly what she and Jake need to overcome their fears of starting a family.

With their best friends in tow, Jake and Stacy head upstate to the sleepy small-town of Pine Island, where Christmas is more than just a season, it’s a state of mind.


I read this a few years back. If you like cutesy winter romances with multiple storylines and Christmas cheer, this may be for you.

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