Tomboys Don’t Wear Pink (How To Date A Tomboy Book 1)

Tomboys Don't Wear Pink (How To Date A Tomboy Book 1) by [Christina Benjamin]

Author: Christina Benjamin
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Stealing hearts isn’t as easy as stealing bases.

Tomboy Casey Beeler is used to being a loner. But one viral video gives her more than she bargains for, including a chance to start the softball team she’s always wanted. In love and sports, timing is everything. If Casey doesn’t do what it takes to get her softball team off the ground now, she may not get another chance. The only problem . . . it could cost her the one thing she loves more than sports—Lucas Hargrove.

Lucas Hargrove seems to have it all, money, looks, baseball, Harvard. But looks can be deceiving. The pressure of living up to his perfect image is getting to him. He doesn’t even know if he wants to go to Harvard. The only thing he does know is that he can’t fight his feelings for Casey Beeler any longer, no matter what his parents say. But who gives up Harvard for a girl they’ve only kissed once?

Casey attempts to navigate high school mean girls, homecoming dates and her new softball team, all while pursuing her long-time crush. But stealing hearts isn’t as easy as stealing bases.

Can these two star-crossed lovers find their way, or will they have to choose between love and the sports they love?

A sweet stand-alone high school sports romance.

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