Crown Princess Academy: Book 1

Author: A.J. Flowers
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This is one crown you don’t want.

Born and raised in the Dregs, the last thing I expected was the “honor” of being recruited to Crown Princess Academy.

And by honor, I mean fighting for my life against the fae that rule our world.

Our first exam is in three weeks and not every student will make it out alive… don’t these bimbos realize that? I’m not fooled. I know how ruthless the fae can be.

All the princess initiates are captivated by Lucas, the sexy fae Crown Prince who, in turn, seems fixated on me. He can’t know that I’m actually the most powerful Malice Caster in the Dregs. I’m sure my talents for the Criminal Guild won’t earn me any extra credit in my princess classes.

All my life I’ve stayed one step ahead of the two-faced fae and their Malice, the out of control black magic that has nearly wiped out all of humanity. This is my chance to do more than survive—this is my chance to fight back.

I’ll play the Crown Prince’s game. I’ll wear the tiny initiate crown, dance in my glittering pink dress, survive the deadly exams, and ultimately graduate as the Crown Princess all while he thinks I’m playing right into his plans.

He’s in for a surprise when I reveal who I am and wipe that sexy, smug grin off his face… I just hope my heart doesn’t forget he’s the enemy.

Crown Princess Academy: Book 1 is the first of a planned trilogy. As it is a series, there will be a cliffhanger. This is an upper YA/NA paranormal and fantasy series with enemies-to-lovers romance and HEA.


I loved this books. If you liked The Selection series, Throne of Glass Series, and the Grishaverse, you will love this because it’s a bit of a mashup of the three. It sucked having to wait a year for book two, but I have yet to stop thinking about this book and how much I want to continue the series.

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