Fae Rose Academy: Year Two (For The Purely Divine Book 2)

Fae Rose Academy: Year Two (For The Purely Divine Book 2) by [Quinn Ashwood, Avery Song]

Author: Avery Song & Quinn Ashwood
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What is it like to be a part of the purely divine? There’s no way to know unless you’re awakened to the truth hidden beneath the lies.

I, Rosadette Campbell, have finally been told the truth of my heritage and all that’s been hidden from me. It’s shocking, heart-clenching, and makes me want to run back to my life as human scum in the lower lands.

But I’ve fallen in love with this world, and with a daring and humble prince, so I’m determined to give it all a second chance. And not for nothing, this may be the opportunity I’ve long sought, because my many questions will lead to answers and those willing to aid me in my conquest.

Before I venture into the darker depths of year two, I must walk within the shadows of my birthplace and discover how powerful a fae like me can become. I’ll face the raging magic of the lands and seas, as well as the hidden secrets that separate the purely divine from the deadly.

Darkness is brewing, revenge is calling, and I know a certain prince is waiting for my swift return. Let him endure the loss of my rose, for I am in a place of belonging and when I return for my second year at Fae Rose Academy, I hope he’s ready.

I hope they’re all ready.

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